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100 Days to Superior Customer Service

Try naming something worse than losing a loyal client? How about losing two loyal clients. When it comes to customer service, there’s no room for error. Competition is stiff and clients are sensitive so it’s best to always be at the top of your game. Sometimes it’s easy for clients to fall through the cracks which is why every business owner needs a fool-proof customer service plan.

3 Product Coaching

In today’s world, knowledge is the most exchanged commodity. Nobody can take away what you know. It’s yours. All the more reason you should sell it and maximize it. Did you know your knowledge can be diversified into different products and services such as a course, a membership site or even one-on-one coaching? Watch our¬†video to learn more and change your life today.

Google Rules the World: Here’s The Global Tour

To be honest, it’s Google’s world and we’re just living in it. Did you know that Google pretty much runs the world? If you’re not using Google Chrome for your web browser along with all its extensions, there’s a chance you may be falling a step behind. When it comes to productivity, particularly with your email, Google is king. Check out our video to see what you’re missing.¬†