look your best so others will say yes

your plan

Your planner will help you plan and design the perfect strategy for LinkedIn. Your profile will be made to appeal to your target audience so you’re seen how you want to be seen, not how you see yourself. Having the correct strategy is the difference between prospecting and actually closing


Your sound

Your copywriter will work with your stylist’s plan to take your profile text from local newspaper to TIME. You need to appeal to your target and still sound like you. There is nothing worse than showing up to a meeting and being a completely different person than your LinkedIn Profile.

your style

You stylist will set you apart from the crowd with a unique header graphic based on your style and business persona. We will  provide you resources and project management for when  you want to create media for your profile. This will be discussed during your style session.

It’s your turn…

show “you” to the WORLD

It’s your turn…

show “you” to the WORLD

“My profile is designed to be uniquely me so that when people see my requests and messages I am more than just the normal profile. I chose to invest in some visual media for my profile for that extra touch.”

Ben - Largo, FL

“I love that my profile branding matches my website and other social media. I have found that consistent branding makes all the difference when my targets take the time to really look into me. It closes more deals than I ever anticipated.”
Bonnie - Orlando, FL

“As a business owner who’s use to doing everything myself, it’s hard to accept that somebody might be better than me at something in my business but once I let my gaurd down and let the My Clone team take over my LinkedIn, I have seen a growth in connections, leads and sales.” 
John - Tampa, FL

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.
Steve Jobs