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take advantage of LINKEDIN

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take advantage of LINKEDIN

“We are so excited to be getting more interaction from LinkedIn. Our time was so limited before meeting Brook and this service gave us the opportunity to focus on the relationships rather than the searching.”

Jennifer, Atlanta, GA

“I went from not having any type of LinkedIn pressence to having a robust, engaging profile with more inquiries than I can actually handle at the moment. No need to spend hours at networking events each week”

Ben, Clearwater, FL

“We spend most of our time networking face to face, it’s time consuming but it works. It started working better when we worked on building our profile and extending the network online. Now we can split our time networking and be 5x more efficient.”

Dawn, Michigan

11-16: Started LinkedIn Lead Generation

11-21: Frist lead from LinkedIn

12-1: Showing 60% yes rate to new connection requests

12-15: Reached 500 connections when we started with 200

Thank you Brook. I love LinkedIn Lead Generation. We’re going to continue into 2018

John, Tampa, FL

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