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Let’s Build Your Amazing Clone Army!

GSD Events

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We are always hosting some kind of training somewhere whether it is online or in a city near you. We also partner with our clients and members to bring you amazing content from other amazing folks.

Affiliate Program

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There is no better way to show us love than by telling others about us. Our affiliate program is an option for you to sign up and share all the goodness the MCS team has to offer. You get rewarded in all kinds of ways.


Exclusive Client Content

Inside your member portal, you will find exclusive content that is hosted just for My Clone Clients. Yes, it is categorized based on your purchases and ongoing client status.

All Workbooks

Our version of Courses

The reason we call our courses workbooks is that they all lead to a final product. You can always choose to go at it alone (DIY), do it with our help (DWY) or have us do it all for you (DFY). We respect your knowledge and budget. We are here to help you live your superpower, whatever that may be.

Our Vision

WHY we do this…

It is our mission to elevate the support professional so those of us that truly enjoy supporting wide eyed entrepreneurs can be happy with our work, supported by those we serve and regarded as a valued member of the company and sharing in it’s success.

It is also our mission to help our small business owners realize their dream of what their business can become. Success means trusting the support of a team that truly cares about them and the business.

NONE of us are meant to take this journey alone, however so many believe that they must because of external factors that limit their ability to grow.

I personally will never be the one to tell you that money doesn’t matter or that you NEED to change the way you spend your time. I will however, open your eyes to the possibilities and someday the fog will lift and you will be ready to lead a team that will always have your back if you have theirs.

This is a mission that takes amazing support professionals and amazing entrepreneurs to grow in a world where “corporate departments” are made up of seperate companies working together.